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Eco Friendly Funeral Plans And Natural Burial

For many of us helping to preserve the environment for future generations has been a large part of life and so why shouldn’t it be that was in death as well.  With natural burial the body of the deceased in interred in the ground in a way that does not preserve it or inhibit decomposition.  Rather the body is allowed to recycle naturally back into the earth.

The deceased’s body is prepared without any chemical preservatives and a bio degradable casket or shroud is used.  Natural burial does not employ the use of outer burial containers or vaults that would keep the body from contact with the soil.  The body is buried but in a shallow enough grave to allow proper decomposition.  Natural burial can be accommodated on private land or cemeteries that allow it.  In the case of private land make sure to check with your local laws and regulations before proceeding.

In the spirit of reduce, reuse and recycle and leaving behind a better world another noble and eco friendly option to be considered is to donate your body to medical science.  This option is clearly not for everyone and if you need not feel bad if your personal or cultural beliefs keep you from making this decision, but giving the gift of life through organ or tissue donation or to medical science research is a truly noble gift.

It is important to not that just because you donate your body does not mean you cannot still have a service or have whatever portion of your remains are left unused returned to your loved ones for final internment.

FUNERAL DIRECTORY USA offers a large selection of caskets including containers made of rice straw or a plain wooden casket which consume the least possible energy and/or resources to make and decompose back into the earth easiest over time.  Cardboard containers are also used in some circumstances where requested due to personal preference.

Cremation is another option and although it uses energy that is usually offset by the lack of labor and resources uses in traditional burial and funeral arrangements.

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